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            The future of the left since 1884


            21 May 2019


            The FEPS-Fabian Summer conference will focus on both domestic and international policy priorities for the next Labour government, examine the impact of the European elections, and will ask what comes next in the Brexit process.

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            7 June 2019

            In the fast-changing world of work, workers deserve a real say over their future, writes Areeq Chowdhury in the first in our Workers and Technology: the key issues online blog series.

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            28 May 2019

            EMMA LEWELL-BUCK MP: Millions of people across the UK struggle to find enough to eat.

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            The Fabian Review

            Spring 2019, Volume 131 - No.1

            This edition of the Fabian Review asks if Labour will sink or swim after its biggest split in nearly 40 years with Dianne Hayter, Ben Bradshaw MP, Anand Menon and Ann Pettifor plus Kate Murray talks to Richard Corbett MEP.

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            Rebuilding trust

            22 May 2019

            SHAISTA AZIZ: Labour councils should do more to act in solidarity with people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping.

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            Turning left

            14 May 2019

            The shift leftwards among younger people is an international phenomenon. Keir Milburn explores the reasons why.

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            Remembering the Life and Work of John Smith MP

            14 May 2019

            Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson MP marked 25 years since the passing of John Smith MP - Labour's former leader - in this Fabian Society speech.

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            John Smith's Fabian hustings speech (1992)

            12 May 2019

            On the eve of the Fabian John Smith memorial lecture delivered by Tom Watson MP, we revisit John Smith's 1992 hustings speech to the Fabian Society.

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            Long read

            The left’s best bet

            10 May 2019

            The Fabian Society are launching a new policy group, ‘Fabian Futures’. The group's convener, Harry Farmer, explores why futures thinking is crucial for the left to understand the biggest challenges and opportunities over the coming decades.

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            A homelessness emergency

            8 May 2019

            Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham set out his strategy to tackle the homelessness and rough sleeping crisis at this keynote Fabian Society speech.

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            Open and ethical

            Building a fairer immigration system

            Human rights abuses, immigration scandals and poor decision-making have left the immigration system in need of urgent reform, according to a new Fabian Society report.

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            Spring 2019

            Fabian Review

            This edition of the Fabian Review asks if Labour will sink or swim after its biggest split in nearly 40 years with Dianne Hayter, Ben Bradshaw MP and Ann Pettifor plus Kate Murray talks to Richard Corbett MEP.

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            Inequality by stealth

            Tax allowances and social security in 2019/20

            The government is providing more financial support for the richest 20% of households than the poorest 20%.

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            Minds at Work

            Making mental health a priority in the changing world of work

            Job insecurity, prejudice and ignorance are driving Britain’s workplace mental health crisis, according to a new report from the Fabian Society.

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            Primary colours

            The decline of arts education in primary schools and how it can be reversed

            A new Fabian Society report Primary Colours reveals that two thirds (68%) of primary school teachers in England say there is less arts education now than in 2010, and half (49%) say the quality of what there is has got worse.

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            Winter 2018

            Fabian Review

            This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on new ideas to renew the centre-left with Matthew Laza, Liz Kendall MP and Daniel Sleat plus Kate Murray talks to Lisa Nandy MP.

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            A Warranted Response

            Brexit, human rights and the European Arrest Warrant

            A new Fabian Society report, published as Brexit negotiations reach a crunch point, calls for a new UK-EU extradition framework which ensures respect for human rights.

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            The Fiscal Alternative

            Public finance choices for the left

            A new Fabian Society report, published ahead of the 2018 Budget, calls today for a comprehensive change in direction for UK fiscal policy.

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            Growing up in the 2020s

            Preparing children for the changes and challenges ahead

            This report asks how children’s lives are changing and how politics should respond to make sure that young people in the next decade have good childhoods and are ready to lead fulfilling, productive adult lives.

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